Benno Schlachter: Schlagzeuglehrer, Musiker, Hamburg, Medien


Below are recordings of my work from released and unreleased studio sessions. As was the case with my Edelweiss and other projects, I have also been involved with the writing of music, lyrics and song arrangement. 

Right Before I Go (NOVEMBERLAND, EP: at the speed of life)

This Is It (NOVEMBERLAND, EP: at the speed of life)

Space (NOVEMBERLAND, EP: at the speed of life)

What Have You Got To Lose (NOVEMBERLAND, EP: at the speed of life)

Becoming Close (my Edelweiss/Benno Schlachter/Tito Albowits)

Passing (my Edelweiss/Benno Schlachter/Tito Albowits)

Summit (my Edelweiss/Benno Schlachter/Tito Albowits)

Tell them I was here (Otti And The Voices/Bubby Tone II/bbe)

Live & Love (Otti And The Voices/unreleased version)

The life we´ve led so far (Otti And The Voices/Bubby Tone II / bbe)

The hopeful Children (Otti And The Voices/One)

bass and drums – Interpretation of Chameleon by Herbie Hancock (Benno Schlachter/Marcus Porter)

Instrumental bass and drum track (Benno Schlachter/Marcus Porter)

Fireworks (State of Miasma/unreleased)

Phullup (State of Miasma/unreleased)

Wait for the sun  (State of Miasma/unreleased)

This is not my space  (State of Miasma/unreleased)


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